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Task Analysis

Have a task that you regularly request your child/student to do that is rarely done efficiently/effectively? If it's a complex skill with many steps, creating a task analysis for step-by-step learning can help!



Brushing teeth, setting the table, asking a friend to play, making a snack, doing a math problem - these are all examples of skills that may seem "doable" so a person who has learned that skill, but is a. lot. to. ask. of others.



Task analyses also have the added benefit of:

- more opportunity for reinforcement and being told what he/she is doing well

- identifying the part of the task that is causing a hold up and/or behavior to occur

- teaching each step of the skill so that it is done more effectively



These can be made in a pretty visual for your child to see/check off him/herself, or this can be made for your reference when teaching the skill!



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