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Access to Tangible Items/Activities Maintained Behaviors

It's Tuesday!! To continue our Functions of Behavior Series, today's topic is behaviors that are maintained by gaining access to tangible items or activities.



A lot of times, these behaviors are reinforced unintentionally, or in a weak moment. Whether it's giving your child the candy/toy they are screaming about in the store just to get them to stop screaming, or finally giving in and lettingthem play on the iPad after whining. A lot of times, tangible maintained behaviors begin at school (i.e., your child experienced her toy being taken away by another student, and she pinched that student. The student cries, drops the toy, and she gets it back). Even one experience can begin to define a new behavior. When, later on in the week, month, year, you can't figure out why your child is continually screaming or whining or pinching, it could be because they have experienced reinforcement for that behavior in the past. They're just trying their darndest to get that again!



This is not to cause you to feel guilt or regret. This is life! We do, however, want to provide some tools for how to avoid continually maintaining these types of behaviors, while using that desire for tangibles to reinforce the appropriate ones. Below are strategies for how to teach your children to put that effort towards achieving those desired tangibles in a positive, socially appropriate way.



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