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Praise!!! Can I get an Amen?!

PRAISE! It's simple, yet SO effective...We can't get enough of it... and we can't give enough of it...



How often are you praising your child for the things s/he does well? With the hustle and bustle of our days, it can sometimes be easy to forget to simply praise your child for the things they are doing RIGHT. The things you want to see MORE of.



When you praise...

~ Be SPECIFIC: Be sure they know the exact thing you are praising them for.

~ Be DESCRIPTIVE: Describe what it is that they did so they are set up to do it again.

~ Be IMMEDIATE (or as immediate as possible): Research supports the immediacy of praise. The quicker to the event, the more likely they are to make the connection.

~Be FREQUENT: Praise the behavior you want to see MORE THAN you talk about the behavior you don't want to see.

~ Be CONSISTENT: Have you praised for that exact same thing before? Do it again! The more, you praise, the more they are learning.



Have questions or want to learn more?📩 //

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