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School Shadowing
There for support: Only intervening when necessary.

The goal of a shadow therapist is help your child gain independence in his/her daily

school life by establishing effective practices to increase positive behavior, collaborating with the teacher/support staff to promote positive behavior, and offering support by intervening "as needed."

At Huntsville Behavior Associates, a shadow therapist can:

  • Increase positive classroom behaviors (e.g. sitting nicely, paying attention in class, following instructions, completing assignments independently)​

  • Decrease problem behaviors (e.g. screaming, shouting, meltdowns, noncompliance, running around during lesson time)​

  • Break down difficult concepts into smaller parts for easier understanding ​

  • Develop positive work habits in the classroom setting​

  • Support child in developing positive peer relationships​

  • Increase child’s independence in school​

  • Teach child self-regulation strategies to manage his emotions (e.g. stress, frustration, anxiety) ​

  • Educate and collaborate with school teachers to implement strategies in class 

Contact us for more information on school shadowing.

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